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Secure Storage

Safeguard Your Precious Metals with Peace of Mind

At MintedMarket, we understand the importance of protecting your valuable investments in precious metals. That's why we offer a Secure Storage program, providing you with a secure, insured, and convenient solution to store your purchased gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

Why Choose MintedMarket's Secure Storage Program?

Robust Security Measures

Our storage facility is located in Toronto, Ontario and is equipped with advanced security measures, designed to ensure your investments are safe and guarded 24/7. 

Fully Insured

All investments stored with MintedMarket are fully insured. This means your investment is protected, allowing you to invest with confidence. 

Peace of Mind

With our Secure Storage program, you no longer need to worry about finding a location or your precious metals. Enjoy the ease of accessing our stored metals whenever you need them, while leaving the hassle of physical storage to us.

Expert Care

Our team takes great care in ensuring your investments are looked after. Your precious metals are fully allocated and individually segregated.

What next?

At your instruction, MintedMarket can execute the following options for you:
  • Liquidate your investment at a competitive rate. We offer convenient payout options, including wire, cheque, and direct deposit.
  • Ship you your metal to you fully insured. MintedMarket will safely ship your metal back to you using a fully insured carrier.

Secure Storage Pricing

This fee schedule is subject to change. All rates are in Canadian funds.
Custody fees are calculated and billed on the last day of every month, in arrears.
Account Value  •  Storage Rate
Up to $100,000 • 0.65%
Up to $500,000 • 0.55%
Up to $1,000,000 • 0.50%
Up to $2,000,000 • 0.45%
Up to $5,000,000 • 0.40%
$5,000,000 + • 0.35%
Account ValueStorage Rate
Up to $100,000 0.65%
Up to $500,0000.55%
Up to $1,000,0000.50%
Up to $2,000,0000.45%
Up to $5,000,0000.40%
$5,000,000 +0.35%

How to Sign Up

Getting started with MintedMarket's Secure Storage program is quick and easy. You have two convenient options:
1. Apply Online
  • Click the sign up button below.
  • Follow the simple online registration process, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours of recieving your application to open your account
2. Print & Email
  • Download the application by clicking the button below.
  • Fill out the form with your details.
  • Email the completed form to